Why my boiler is leaking?

Most of us are not heating engineers and therefore do not have an understanding of the basic causes of boiler leaks. If your boiler is leaking, you should NEVER try DIY repairs. As soon as you notice a boiler leak you should shut off the gas and water supplies to your boiler. Then you call a professional boiler repair expert because the safety of your family and home is paramount.

Boiler Breakdown

Pressure leakage and bad boiler seals

  • A boiler is exposed to high internal pressure which may cause boiler leakages. This internal boiler pressure needs regular maintenance to avoid issues occurring.
  • Rubber rings help form a watertight seal on connection points. Being subjected to pressure and high temperature, these have a tendency to leak. In these cases professionals can cure this by replacing the boiler seals.

Corrosion and pipe fittings
Another common cause of boiler leaks. Corroded pipes allow water to escape resulting in inefficient running. If limited to single valve it is easy for the professional to replace the part, but if not you may need to replace the entire boiler. If the leak is coming from pipe fittings then it could be the sign of an incorrectly fitted boiler.

Get an engineer
Determining the exact cause of a boiler leak can be a challenge and requires finding out exactly where the leak originates. These faults are to blame for the majority of boiler leaks, but all situations are different. Our boiler repair experts are trained to identify the cause of the problem and repair it quickly. So if there is anything wrong with your boiler call our expert engineers, its always better to be safe than sorry…