Why an annual boiler service is critical

No matter how hectic life can get, you must always ensure that your boiler undergoes an annual service. There are several reasons why your boiler service is essential, which we will explore below.

Keep your household safe

Carbon monoxide poisoning accounts for an alarmingly high number of A&E admissions annually, which anyone can mostly avoid with a boiler service. An emissions inspection will reveal if the boiler is leaking any gasses which can cause harm.

Save yourself some money

An annual boiler service comes at a modest cost that you can offset through arranging a Gas Safe registered engineer to perform regular maintenance. A boiler consists of many individual parts that can corrode over time. By replacing them early, it can increase the performance of your boiler, thus using fuel more efficiently to save money on heating bills.

Minimise the hazard of a boiler breakdown
An annual boiler service will help keep your boiler in excellent condition and help mitigate the risk of catastrophic breakdowns and hefty repair bills. Ideally, you want to arrange a boiler service for just after the summer before heavy usage in the winter. Regular maintenance is not only cost-effective in comparison to repairs but will also increase the lifespan of your boiler.

Warranty and legal requirements

Most boiler manufacturers require that your boiler undergo an annual service to ensure that the warranty remains valid. By law, all landlords must have boilers in their properties serviced and any other gas appliances that can become harmful if not working correctly.

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