Spotting troublesome signs early can prevent substantial boiler repair bills

When the temperature is at its chilliest in the UK during the winter months, we use our boilers more to create much-needed warmth in our homes, but after months of inactivity, this sudden surge of use can lead to problems. Below we will highlight the main warning signs that you might need to contact a plumber for a boiler repair.

Changeable boiler pressure

A boiler repair is needed if your boiler pressure drops or rapidly increases when you switch on the central heating. Pressure loss is usually due to water leaking from the system or a faulty expansion valve. You can help prevent further damage to the boiler and a nasty repair bill by acting fast.

Your boiler is emitting strange noises

If you can detect a humming or buzzing noise coming from your boiler, it’s a solid indication of an issue with your boiler pump and potentially a seized part. Rather than struggling on with a faulty boiler, call out a plumber who will be able to perform a straightforward repair.

Yellow flames in gas boilers

If you notice the pilot light in your gas boiler is burning yellow and not blue, it’s usually a sign of an air deficiency in the air/fuel mix. In this instance, a boiler service will be required to ensure the correct combination of air and fuel to create a blue flame.

Your boiler isn’t starting

Although you can’t be on the lookout for your boiler not starting and generating heat and hot water, it doesn’t always mean a big boiler repair job is needed. There are dozens of components in a boiler, and it could be as simple as a blocked or seized valve.

If you recognise any of these symptoms of boiler problems, contact our team today for a fast and affordable boiler repair.