Save money with eco-friendly boilers

With energy prices rising at almost a faster rate than ever before, it’s now more important than ever to ensure energy efficiency in the home to keep bills down and the house warm. Previous incarnations of boiler systems have been less than eco-friendly, but there are now many options available for those conscious of saving money and the environment. Below we will examine a boiler installation that can do just that.

Biomass boiler installation

Biomass boilers are fuelled by burning wood pellets and are regarded as carbon neutral boilers. The carbon produced during the combustion of the wood pellets is neutralised by the amount of carbon the tree absorbs while growing. Although the initial outlay for a biomass boiler installation can be expensive, the wood pellets used can be cheaper in the long term and better for the environment.

Electric boilers
With the methods of creating electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar becoming more widespread and inexpensive, electric boiler installation represents a fantastic way to heat your home for less and with a more eco-friendly approach as efficient as any traditional gas combi boiler.

Smart Thermostats

Consider adding a smart thermostat if you contemplate a new boiler installation and opt for a greener and more efficient boiler. Smart thermostats have the advantage of allowing you to control your central heating remotely through an app and removing the need to have your heating running when you aren’t home, meaning the boiler runs in a greener fashion. Contact Brian Watts if you need any advice on installing a new boiler that can help save you money and protect the environment.