Interior decorating ideas for a loft bedroom

If you are content with your house and neighbours but need more space, why move? A loft conversion offers the best of both worlds. When one considers the designing and decoration of a loft, it poses many challenges. The main types of loft conversion are Dormer, Mansard, Hip to Gable and Velux and there are numerous design ideas for a loft which are possible. In this blog we will be talking about interior inspiration for a loft bedroom, and how it can have a special charm and a warm feel.

Decluttering and storage

The bedroom is a place where one spends quality time / me time. In order to have complete relaxation and sleep it needs to be well designed and comfortable so decluttering is advisable to truly enjoy the space. Use all the storage available and if there is insufficient storage buy / create new areas for this purpose. Once done, sit back and enjoy your new sanctuary!


When it comes to bedding choose the colours and styles which you love and comfort you. Sinking into a comfortable and fresh bed with the right bedding can make you feel truly at home and in turn a better nights sleep!

Reading nook or a relaxing area

If you have unused space in your loft like a corner, why not convert it to a reading nook or relaxation area with some soft lighting and a comfy chair. If you want to enjoy your outdoors then position the seating in a way that maximises this. If you have a little more space in this area then you can choose a table as well so that you can enjoy a cup of coffee/tea.

Bathroom accessories

If you space allows it then a bathroom is always a good idea in the loft to avoid unnecessary trips. Try to get both bedroom and bathroom to complement each other. If in doubt then always choose neutral colours, they date less and will give you a blank canvass for future changes or accessorising here and now.