Ideas/considerations when extending a narrow kitchen

If you’re a homeowner and want to make the most of your narrow kitchen, extensions offer a potentially neat solution. Extending a kitchen is a great way to improve your home and in addition to cooking, an extension can provide an area for dining and relaxing. As a kitchen extension takes time and financial investment, one should invest wisely. Working with professionals (and their ideas / suggestions) can get you through the remodelling process smoothly in order to make a smart investment. Like most home improvement projects, there are many factors that need to be considered for a kitchen extension. This blog gives some valuable ideas.

Most common types?
There are three main options – rear, side return and wrapped. Rear is the easiest way to accommodate from a planning and spatial point of view as it goes across the full width of the property. Wrapped extensions can be single or double storey and run across side elevation / back of the property. A house built in the Edwardian or Victorian era features a side return and is a beautiful exercise in terms of simplicity.

Design, Style & Planning
As there are many designs and styles possible with kitchen extensions, you shold take help from professionals. Once the design matches the look and feel of the property, you can proceed! For matching, it is a good idea to consider the most prominent features like roof, doors and windows. Many design items will depend on your budget, so only you can decide how much / how little you want to do.

Planning permission
Once you’ve a clear idea on what you’ll be doing for your kitchen extension (and if your property doesn’t fall under permitted development), a successful application for planning permission will be needed before work commences. Always consult a professional as they will probably have ideas / advice that you may not have thought of.