How to maximise space in small bathrooms in Oxford

If you own a property in Oxford with a small bathroom and find it challenging to keep it organised and uncluttered, then carry on reading. You can employ multiple methods to make the most of your petite space and still have a bathroom that offers function and tranquillity.

Keep furniture off the floor

Selecting the correct shape and size of furniture for a small bathroom in Oxford is paramount, but if you can hang furniture on the wall, that’s even better. Wall-hung vanity units with room for a basin or wall-hung tall cabinets are an excellent way to create more space in a small room and make it easier to clean.

Utilise the corners

If your bathroom allows it, installing sinks or bathtubs in the corners bathrooms enables you to utilise space that would otherwise be redundant and help you make better use of other areas.

Buy tall furniture

Many storage options are always handy, but tall cabinets, ideally wall hung in compact bathrooms, are the perfect storage solution to keep a tidy space. The more you can store vertically, the more room you’ll have to enjoy your bathroom.

Back-to-wall toilets

Contemporary toilet systems are a far cry from traditional large and bulky WCs, and rimless back-to-wall toilets with hidden cisterns provide an opportunity to create more space and look fantastic.

Use mirrors

If you’ve tried all the above and your bathroom still feels cramped, try positioning mirrors around the room to give the illusion of space. Failing that, if you think a bathroom extension is needed; contact our expert team today for a free, no-obligation quote.