Cut down on energy bills, with energy efficient extensions

When you need extra space for home, office or for anything else, moving is an option but for most homeowners this doesn’t make sense as they may be settled or unwilling to make such a large financial sacrifice. A home extension can be the perfect solution for this situation. It enhances your home, adds value and allows you to stay at the same location. Being the leading builder in Oxford for home extensions, we work according to the client requirements and try where possible to think of an energy efficient solution for your new extension. Adding energy efficient measures doesn’t have to be difficult and this blog will help clarify a few points.

Quality Insulation

Homeowners can sometimes ignore insulation, but it does affect your energy bills. Your extension size and materials will dictate what insulation options are available to you. External wall insulation is the most critical as this is where most heat loss occurs. Good insulation increases thermal efficiency in winter, reduces heat gain in the summer thus creating a better environment whilst saving you money, a true win win!

IR Heating panels & energy efficient lighting

Heating panels work through radiations instead of convection, and by emitting infra-red waves they warm up objects in their path. Once the walls, floor and other objects in the room are heated with these IR waves, they start heating up the room. These panels come in an array of materials and are easy to hardwire/plug into the wall. They use less energy than convection and save energy. Always complement these saving with highly rated energy efficient LED lighting. Not only do they look brighter / better, they save incredible amounts of electricity.

Energy efficient windows

Double glazing is more effective than single glazed windows but also keeping noise out more effectively. When we talk about energy efficiency, there are several factors which can affect savings like, type of glass, materials used in panels etc. There are energy ratings for windows and doors known as BFRC rating which indicate the efficiency of a window / door. Always consult an expert to guide you through the maze.

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