Basement conversion – Why move when you can improve?

Most of the homeowners in UK want more space in their home and there are various methods to get that extra space. A Basement conversion is one of those methods. Depending upon the location and style of basement conversion, one can also increase the value of their home. So why move to a new home if you can improve your existing one? Basement conversions are a cost effective approach to provide more room for business or pleasure. A Basement conversion can make use of wasted space in your home and has many benefits mentioned below:

Utilise your space:
As families grow and people need more space to live in, most of the people think to move to a new home. However the cost of moving into the UK has been rising steadily so creating a gym, office, bedroom, bathroom etc, in your existing home will be far more economical so improve don’t move!

You may not require planning permission
Planning permission can be a stressful task because one has to go through lots of daunting paperwork. Unlike some other development projects basement conversions don’t always require planning permission, allowing a speedy resolution.

Resale value and extra income
The basement conversion will almost always increase the resale value of your house but there are other benefits too. Oxford has a great property rental market so why not use the space as a bedroom and rent it out for additional income??

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